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Most people don't know that damage can occur to your property and belongings after a fire has been put out. Don't wait; contact Brown Construction to get help from your local ServiceMaster Restore team.


We have the expertise to combat the chemical reactions that continue to take place after a fire, saving your belongings and your money! We can remove soot from all sorts of items including chrome, marble, and upholstery.

Clean up after a fire with the help of our team of experts

Trust our 5-step fire and smoke restoration process

 •  Emergency pre-cleaning

 •  Content cleaning

 •  Content pack-out

 •  Wall and ceiling cleaning

 •  Deodorization


Call the team at Brown Constructions to return your home to its pre-disaster condition.

Contact us 24/7 for your emergency needs,

Schedule your service


Fire damage House on fire

SAVE your home or business from smoke and fire damage

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